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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Youth Employment Opportunity at TTC

You have to have a referral from an Employment Counsellor and be between the ages of 16 and 30 for this one. Pass this important info along to if you know a young person who fits the bill!


Tuesday February 14th - 2:00 p.m.
Interviews: Wednesday, February 15th

Find out about Employment Opportunities with the Toronto Transit Commission
Applications will be handed out and interview times assigned.
Call 416-397-7317 or see your Employment Counsellor or Youth Employment Toronto Worker for more details.

North York Civic Centre council Chamber
5100 Yonge St (3 blocks north of Sheppard)

(A second session will take Thursday, February 16th
at Metro Hall, Room 308 at 55 John St. downtown)

Friday, January 20, 2006


A blog reader asks, "How do I email you". In a blog, always try the 'About Me' section. There will be a link called "Email". That email message comes straight to my office. Feel free to send us input any time. And of course, the phones are open from 8:30 to 5:00 at 416-392-4038.


This morning the Ontario Municipal Board held a pre-hearing regarding the application to redevelop the Parkway Forest lands owned by El Ad. Many thanks to representatives from Henry Farm Resident’s Association, the Starways condo board, the Virgo Starways board and Parkway Forest Residents who participated. They have been engaged in a Working Group process on your behalf since we began with an application of 3518 new units of condo and rental housing.

I list the resident groups by name because, as you can see, we still need far more residents groups to be formally listed as participants before the final hearing. As the application currently stands, we are still looking at roughly 2700 new units. The issue of traffic alone is enough for us to say the application is too aggressive. Neither Don Mills Rd, Sheppard Ave, nor approaches to the DVP and 401 are equipped to handle this burden on rush hour and weekend traffic.

I am calling on all resident groups within Ward 33 to contact my office to become a participant in this OMB matter. The application is scheduled to come before North Community Council on April 4th and then on to OMB on June 12th. My staff team is willing to help arrange a space especially for your community group to meet with us to discuss the development application and all of the concerns. Participant status means that a representative from your group would speak before the two member OMB tribunal. My office, as well as the residents that are already active, would be there to support you.

If your group has not gathered for some time, such a meeting would also be an opportunity for you to bring other City issues that are of concern to my attention. That means we could win this battle and keep right on BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE FOR WARD 33.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Oh Oh, I got an A

I'm honoured and humbled by the comments of the North York Mirror and very touched by the many emails congratulating me on the A. But its a little anxiety producing. You have to work awful darn hard for the rest of your days to live up to it.

Secondly, I think the 'A' should go not to the councillor but to all of my very active residents, and you all know who you are. It seems to me we all worked very hard on this community in 2005. Who says North Yorkers aren't active citizens!?!?!

Here's the review courtesy of the North York Mirror:

Shelley Carroll

We Said
The first among rookies, and a real star: the councillor you’re glad you have if you do and wish you had if you don’t. Coming from the Toronto District School Board, this card-carrying Liberal has moved into the juicy middle of the Mayor David Miller circle of power – so much so that columnists and observers mistake her for a New Democrat. She took over the chairmanship of the powerful works committee from mayoral hopeful Ward 26 Councillor Jane Pitfield (Don Valley West) in June, while returning to the heavy-lifting budget advisory committee, and has brought a balanced approach to both. Carroll also passed her Aug. 19 trial by fire – or rather rain – when she took a lead helping hundreds of homeowners in her wards whose basements were flooded in the aftermath of the late-summer deluge.

Attendance: Two absences
Office Budget Expenditure to Nov. 30: $29,832

She Said
Chair of the Works Committee, vocal advocate for residents in north part of city for flood damaged homes.
Launched a structured Ward Advisory Council. First councillor to use a BLOG, and WAC33 is in process of setting up its own!
Working on illegal rooming houses. In Seneca Hill/Kingslake area, MLS have closed two, ordered closure of another and are working on owners of several more.
Tackled overwhelming post-subway development applications with massive community engagement.
Represent mayor and council at GTA Waste Strategy Group. We are working through Michigan waste issues.
For Budget Advisory Committee, conducted three-month review of TTC Budget and brought Capital Budget inside debt guidelines.
Co-chair of Domestic Film Production Working Group. Work with the film industry on strategic policy development to bring production back to Toronto. This will return a vast number of jobs.

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Tall Building Forum This Month

This forum is happening down in the Toronto/East York Communiy Council area but I understand the discussion is City Wide. Plenty of Toronto Parking Authority parking just south of the centre but, of course, TTC is best if weather permits.

TALL BUILDINGS: Who is Planning Our City?
Toronto has had no shortage of tall building controversies: the
Minto towers, the ROM condo, the Sapphire tower and the East
Bayfront lands to name a few. While there is agreement that
Toronto must grow upward, there appears to be little agreement
on where tall buildings should go and how tall is too tall. Instead,
decisions are being made in the wrestling ring of public opinion,
with developers, planners, councillors and citizens duking it out
building by building.
The Province has responded to this vacuum, proposing changes to
the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and giving new powers to City
Council to oversee development.
Will these changes be enough to address the problems Toronto has
been experiencing? How will City Council balance the interests of
developers and residents? How do we ensure that tall buildings,
when built, contribute to the making of a great neighbourhood?
What is the appropriate role of Council, planning staff, developers,
community groups and the OMB?
Kyle Rae: Toronto City Councillor
Tony Coombes: Principal, City Formation International
Steve Diamond: development lawyer and Partner,
McCarthy Tétrault
Mimi Fullerton: urban activist; Board Member, Annex
Residents' Association
Ted Tyndorf: Chief Planner for the City of Toronto
Moderator: Ted Barris: freelance broadcaster and Professor of
Journalism at Centennial College; author, most recently of Behind
the Glory: Canada's Role in the Allied Air War
7:30-9:30 p.m. FREE ADMISSION
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts capacity 500, first come, first seated
27 Front Street East, Toronto 416-366-1656 •
2 blocks east of Union Station  Join our e-list:

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sidewalk Work This Summer

Our new Jennifer (Jennifer Daws has taken Jenny Chan's position) got some great news today. She did some investigative work with Transportation staff after a resident sent us digital photos of a dangerous ice pond forming where sidewalks have settled around Nymark Ave near Leslie St.

Staff found ice ponds forming even beyond those captured in the photos. They are on the way to temporarily build up the sidewalk with ashphalt and permanent repairs will be made this summer. Excellent work Jenn. Welcome aboard, we're glad you have joined us.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Police on the Streets

Thank you to all Ward 33 residents who have called since our return to work either to express through the City, their condolences to the Creba family or to contribute suggestions in our battle against the current explosion in Gang-related violence.

While I have no wish to get in the middle of the Mayoral campaign unfolding, I do need to make clear to my own local residents the level of support currently flowing to our local police forces.

The delivery of new forces to local police divisions and is in no way, "Smoke and Mirrors" as stated today. While Ward 33 has been very lucky not to have become a part of the map of 2005 gun deaths, our local police division received eight new officers this past September. The division extends well beyond our ward boundary. Officers approved by Council are flowing to the divisions as fast as they can be graduated from Police College.

Our police college maximum capacity is a class of 200 every 5 months. In September, the graduating class increased the force by 40 but also filled the force with retirement replacements. Division 33 Commander Ruth White has also taken the proactive measure of re-directing the Street Crime Unit officers back into the Crew office to enable more uniformed officers to be on the street. We applaud this action at such a critical time.

The police officers re-deployed to the special gang crime task forces cannot be considered "taken off the street" as they are actively on the ground in every gang-related vulnerable community. They are gathering intelligence, creating increased police presence and bringing murderers to justice. I urge Torontonians not to be alarmed as political arguments unfold. Every effort is being made to keep Torontonians safe.

At the candlelight vigil for All of Toronto's 2005 gun fatalities held January 2nd, the mother of one of the victims summed it up best, " It is time for politicians to stop using my son's death as a weapon against each other and work together."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

33 Division Community Bulletin

Staff Inspector Ruth White

The holiday season is a time of celebration and sharing with friends and family. I would like to take this time to thank all of the members of 33 Division, including the many volunteers and auxiliary officers, who perform at their best each and every day.

The accomplishments and outstanding efforts from the past year are evident. Many members of 33 Division have given countless hours of their own time in raising funds for many charities and disaster relief organizations. Others have received life saving and teamwork awards for brave and selfless acts. There are those who spend their own time with the youth of our community to better the lives of our children. For those officers who have witnessed too many senseless acts of violence, a special thanks to you.

To the officers’ friends and families who will be waiting for their loved ones to come home after protecting our community, I appreciate your support.

May you have a safe and happy holiday season.



This is the first Traffic safety campaign for the New Year. It will commence on Monday January 9th and run until Sunday January 15th, 2006.
It is critical that all road users obey the rules of the road. A component to ensuring everyone’s safety is the condition of vehicles being operated on our roadways. Further, there is an estimated 479,000 suspended drivers in the province. Almost 45 percent of them are for non-payment of fines.

Furthermore, the economic cost of collisions in Ontario is estimated to be 9 billion dollars per year.
Therefore, it is important that motorists ensure that they have proper vehicle maintenance and carry with them their proper documentation at all times.


On Saturday December 10th, 2005 at 01:30 hours, the accused male was hanging with a group of males in the rear parking lot at 251 Roywood Dr.

As Primary Response Unit officers approached the group, the accused male fled on foot. After a short foot pursuit the accused male was caught and investigated. The accused male had a loaded .22 calibre handgun in his front right pocket. (7 rounds of ammunition)

The accused male also had 7 MDMA (Ecstasy) pills in two separate baggies, as well as $162.00 in small denominations. He was arrested & charged accordingly.

The officers from ‘E’ Platoon are to be commended for their commitment in dealing with one of 33 Division’s troubled communities.

The officers put together and executed a successful plan to address this recent increase in violence and intimidation at the Roywood Housing Complex. Thanks to these dedicated officers, another gun and gunman/drug dealer is off the streets.


Now Hiring
School Crossing Guards
The Toronto Police Service is looking for people who are interested in applying for the position of School Crossing Guard in 33 Division. Applicants who are interested in joining our team must have the following requirements:

• Minimum 18 years old
• Must be eligible to work in Canada
• Meet vision requirements of 20/30 in both eyes
• Produce Doctor’s certificate stating you are medically fit to perform the duties
• Able to work a minimum 3 hours per day

You are invited to contact Police Constable Barry Ashton at 33 Division, Toronto Police Service at 416-808-3391.

Who can use H.O.V. Lanes?
• A vehicle carrying two or more people
• A commercial truck less than 6.5 metres long
• A mini van with two or more people
• A motorcycle with two or more people
• A taxi or limo with two or more people
• A bus of any type, even without passengers

Benefits of H.O.V. Lanes to you and your community:
• Saves time and money
• Conserves fuel
• More reliable commute
• Less stress
• Better air quality (reduced emissions)
• Better use of infrastructure
• Better manages traffic congestion

Bringing Joy to Children

Catherine Maxwell, a resident of 33 Division, took a vested interest in the children of her community of Allenbury Gardens.
After creating a Community Room for the youth who live in the complex, Catherine felt that this was not enough. She felt compelled to do more for the children to make their Christmas a little brighter. Catherine approached 33 Division for ideas and assistance.
Together with Staff Sergeant Rob Morris and members of 33 Division, a Christmas Toy Drive was organized and held at 33 Division. Toys, school supplies, gift certificates and non-perishable food items were donated and delivered to the children and their families who live in the Allenbury community.
It was a great success and brought many smiles to the faces of the children and families who received gifts for Christmas. This is one more step in helping make a community in 33 Division a better place to live.

Partnerships-Safer Communities

Community policing is a partnership between the public and the Police. Promoting public safety in our communities is a shared concern and responsibility. By working together to strengthen the communities in we live and work we will be contributing to a quality of life that is record to none.

• Make note of unknown or suspicious individuals that are loitering in the area and call Police. Have ready, if possible a detailed description.
• Install and maintain proper security measures in your home.
• Keep a record of all valuables, and mark them in such a way, so they can be identified as yours, such as engraving. Also register your family’s bicycles with the Police.
• Graffiti of any kind is NOT art, and can seriously damage the reputation of a community, i.e. higher taxes for cleanup, lower property values and a heightened fear of gang related crime. Call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-Tips to give or receive information.
• Know what your children are viewing on the internet. Educate yourselves and your children on the risks of the internet.
• Reduce the risk, never carry valuables on your person in plain view. Look confident and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.
• Don’t reveal personal information to anyone at your door or on the telephone. Remember… if it sounds too good to be true… it usually is!
• Learn to recognize suspicious or inappropriate behaviour in your children or their friends in regards to Drug and or Alcohol use. Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of usage.
• When it comes to FRAUDS and SCAMS remember to be ALERT.

Ask questions
Listen carefully
Educate yourself
Refuse to be pressured
Tell the Police

For more information please call the crime prevention officer
P.C Downie #5535 at 33 Division 416-808-3300

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year Resolutions

Hello everyone,

The whole office team will be back from a week break tomorrow morning. We will have a team meeting and then get back in action. In the mean time, let me share with you a New Years greeting from a young participant in the Youth Strategy Working Group that I Co-Chaired all last year with Kehinde Bah. We will be bringing the Budget Items from the strategy forward all through the month of January. No one can dispute that we need this coordinated approach to youth services and investment now.

Check out the link to Shirley's card. I've decided that these are my official resolutions!

Happy New Year Ward 33.