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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bridge Work Coming in the Spring

And I don't mean the kind where your dental insurance comes into play!

Bridge rehabilitation has now been approved for Don Mills Road between Sheppard Ave. and York Mills Rd. This bridge has been slated for rehabilitation for some time, not having had any rehabilitation work done since it was built in 1965.

For all of you bridge construction and engineering enthusiasts,the bridge consists of a 4-span continuous slab on steel plate girders. The work to take place includes:
Concrete deck replacement,
Substructure repairs,
New Barrier walls and approach slabs, and;
Replacement of the waterproofing and asphalt paving.

During construction, which should begin April 2006 at the latest now the Ministry of Transport has signed off, there will still be two lanes of traffic in each direction and two sidewalks maintained. On the 401, traffic will only be affected with some nightime closures or lane restrictions.

This project has its approvals and an existing budget so it is anticipated that it will be well underway and working through its disruptive phases before the Leslie/Sheppard work begins.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Real Governance Changes "In Principle"

Today the Policy and Finance Committee endorsed the governance change recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel that made a few headlines last week. As one reporter put it, "Not a Strong Mayor model but perhaps a Robust Mayor model." While the Policy and Finance committee adopted most of the recommendations in principle, they did move that community input to the specific recommendations is warranted.

The opportunity for the community to give input will be provided at the Community Council level in North York. Not a bad way, in my view, to indicate right off the bat that local Community Councils could perhaps become a bit more of a vehicle for Civic Engagement. We exercised this method back in 2004 when each Community Council was making a major policy decision on a Private Tree Bylaw. The model could improve over time even more, given that one of the recommendations is that some portion of Community Council meetings should take place in the evening hours.

For those who want to delve into the detail and then to provide input, give us a call at the office or drop me an email request at and we will see that you get a copy of the booklet, "The City We Want-The Government We Need." As there will not be an NYCC until January, there is lots of time for you to read the recommendation booklet over the holiday. And what better way to spend one's holiday!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yard Waste Pick-Up delayed - November 23/05

This posting was just received from our Solid Waste Department.

Today's Yard Waste Collection in your area is delayed and will be completed tomorrow.

A gentle reminder that yard waste volume at this time of year is heaviest and hence it is difficult to complete collection on the scheduled day. Residents should leave their yard waste out as it will be collected.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Winter Operations......brrrrrr!

Transportation Services ready for Winter

REMINDER... the North York Winter Bylaw comes into effect on December 1st until March 31, 2006. Between the hours of 11PM and 7AM, all vehicles are prohibited from being parked on all city streets within the former North York area. Parking enforcement will be out in full force throughout the winter season..

The ploughs are ready, the salt reserves have been stockpiled and City staff is prepared as the Transportation Services Division gets set to face another winter season.

The city’s 600 snow ploughs, 300 sidewalk ploughs, 200 salt trucks and more than 1,600 staff are ready for winter to begin.

“Our equipment and staff is ready again this year to keep Toronto’s streets and sidewalks clear of ice and snow,” said Councillor Shelley Carroll, chair of the city’s Works committee. “While a mild winter is always welcome, we’re ready for the worst that winter can throw at us.”

“We’ve improved our equipment and continue with staff training. We’ve been pleased with the results,” said Gary Welsh, General Manager, Transportation Services.

“Our main goal is to keep the main roads clear for emergency and TTC vehicles. After we’re satisfied that they are in good shape, then we can move on to the local roads,” said Welsh, adding that local roads will be completed between 14 and 16 hours after the storm ends.

The public can help the city’s efforts in clearing snow by doing a few simple things such as not pushing snow back onto the road after clearing snow from their sidewalks and driveways, avoid parking on city streets to help the ploughs do their work and by taking public transit whenever possible.

Transportation Services will also continue to reduce salt use as part of its Salt Management Plan. The city has improved its fleet of salt spreading trucks, provided better training for staff that operate salt trucks as well as improved salt storage and handling techniques.

“We want to minimize the amount of salt we use, but continue to balance that with keeping the streets safe for all road users,” added Welsh.

For more information about the city’s winter operations, visit the website at

Community Alert - Toronto Police Services - 33 Division

Ask for Identification

This message is to remind people that you should never open the door to someone you don't know.

If you are having various healthcare workers attend your home, make sure you know exactly when they are coming and that they present you with proper identification prior to entry. If they make you feel uneasy, make a phone call to the agency and confirm their identity.

Recently in 33 Division there have been some instances of people posing as health care workers to gain access to your home. Once inside they may take note of your personal information, ie credit card numbers or steal the credit card itself. The victims have later found money missing from their accounts.

So remember to be cautious when people are entering your home and don't be afraid to ask for identification.

Call Police if you have been a victim of this type of crime.

If you have any questions regarding this Community Alert, please contact the Community Safety Officer, P.C. Kelly Downie at 416-808-3395

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


This just arrived from Toronto Police Services - Division 33

High Water Alert

This message is a public warning for potential flooding of our river systems.

Evironment Canada had forecasted heavy winds and rain over the last few days. The amount of rain that has fallen can lead to swelling and dangerous swift currents in the river systems in the greater Toronto area.

The Toronto Police are requesting the public be mindful of these extreme conditions caused when rivers flood. In particular the vulnerability of children who are so often attracted to the waters edge. Keep an eye on your children at all times and discuss with them the danger that high water poses.

For more information please contact Environment Canada or the Toronto Police Service Mar ine Unit.

Thursday, November 10, 2005



Folks. We have flooding again.

We have not had anyone call the office to report flood damage inside the home but street and yard flooding of very scary proportions have been reported in much the same areas as August 19th.

We had staff out as soon as this was reported this morning and they are working on the problem but the main cause appears to be the combination of leaves and heavy rainfall. It is absolutely imperative that residents follow Yard Waste Bylaws for the former North York. We do not have a leaf collection program for homeowners. Residents are required to collect their leaves into yard waste paper bags and put them at the curb on the appropriate yard waste collection day. Do not rake or leafblow your leaves into the street.

The ground in our area is still fairly saturated from our awful flood of August 19th. Many residents sustained damage to their homes and heart-breaking losses of personal possessions. Therefore, it is especially important here in Ward 33 not to do anything to clog our catch basins anymore than nature already does.
If you witness your neighbours pushing their leaves out onto the street, don't get into an argument and jeopardize your good neighbourly relations. You can give us a call at the office and we will do our best to address it for you. call 416-392-4038.

Remember, in North York, we still receive premium snow clearance including windrow clearance. Leaves are the resident's responsibility.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Community Alert

This alert just arrived from Toronto Police Services - 33 Division.

Street Robberies

There have been numerous robberies in 33 Division the community should be made aware of. A group of youths have been targeting the asian community by stealing purses, cellular phones and Ipods.

These robberies are happening in the evening to late night hours along Leslie Street from Sheppard Avenue north to Finch Avenue. The only description of suspects available to Police is: 4 to 5 male black youths wearing baggy clothing.

Just a reminder to be cautious when walking in these areas, try not to walk alone. Do not carry large sums of money,and keep items of value hidden.

Please call Police with any information regarding these robberies

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Monday : Special Meeting at Oriole Coomunity Ctre

While this meeting comes as short notice on the Blog, the Toronto Police Service sent flyers home with students in Ward 33 schools last week. This is an excellent opportunity to for you to meet Police Chief Bill Blair and his Deputy Chief, Keith Forde. Parking will be limited so please consider car pooling with a friend or TTC'ing it.

The Black Community Police Consultative Committee will hold a community Town Hall meeting on Monday, November 7, 2005, from 7 p.m. − 9 p.m., at the Oriole Community Centre, 2975 Don Mills Road.

The topic discussed will be ways to keep our city safe.

Guest speakers will include Chief William Blair and Deputy Chief Keith Forde.

For further information, please contact Constable Josie Aceto at 416−808−7069 or Don
Meredith, Co−Chair of the BCPCC at

Tell OMBUDSMAN your assessment nightmares.

For all of you direct ratepayers out there, the following message comes under the heading: Dear Ombudsman, Isn't this obvious!

By now, all of you will have received your annual property assessment notice by the Ontario Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). The Ombudsman of Ontario is currently conducting an investigation into whether MPAC's process for valuing properties in Ontario is fair and transparent. He is soliciting community input on two issues: whether there is a lack of transparency in the property assessment process, and the concern that people are having to request reassessments year after year, which calls into question the integrity of MPAC's valuation process. If you have information that may contribute to this investigation, please contact the Ombudsman's office at 1-866-623-SORT, or If you don't agree with your own property assessment, call MPAC at 1-866-296-6722, see, or call the Councillor's office for more information at 416-392-4038.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Leaf collection Request / Bloorview Meeting

Staff sent the following request to Councillors' offices today:

While it seems to be happening a little later this year, very shortly the leaves will be down and residents will be busy raking and piling their yard waste out for City collection.

Given that the leaves may fall suddenly, rather all at once, we know from past experience this might cause a delay in yard waste collection. Whether it happens again this year or not, we wanted each of your offices to know there is the potential and for you to know how to respond to calls from your constituents.

Should a household’s yard waste not get picked up on their scheduled day, please instruct residents to leave their yard waste by the curb until it is collected. It is anticipated this would occur within a couple of days of their regularly scheduled collection day.

Toronto’s collection crews are working hard to complete all of their curbside pick-up commitments. Any patience that may be required to get us through a heavy time in our fall yard waste collection program, is greatly appreciated.

Regarding Bloorview:

I've met with executive members from Sheppard/Leslie Homeowners Association to talk about what will happen at the continuation of the 25 Buchan Court final consideration at North Community Council on November 15th. We agreed it would be a good idea to clarify for the community where the matter sits at this time so a meeting has been arranged.

Because the continuation procedure means that planning will not be mailing out another notice, the SLHA and the Councillors' office will work together in delivering details of this meeting and a reminder of the actual North Community Council meeting where the item will be voted on.

Community members can come to Lescon Public School on Novembr 10th at 7:00 to hear an update of what's happening. Then, on Tuesday November 15th, the continuation of Council consideration of the item will commence sometime after 2:00p.m. When we have the Flyer for the November 10th meeting finished we will post it here. When the clerk has more precise timing of when the item is coming up on the Community Council agenda, you will find that here as well.