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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Computer Recycling Drop-off Until Dec 23rd 2006

The following information about computer recycling drop-off is from the BLOG TO website:

Do you have an extremely old Pentium II 400MHz tower sitting in the basement/attic/storage room taking up space that would otherwise be used to store other things (like your old Pentium III 700MHz machine)? Why not get rid of both of them forever, and at the same time avoid sending them to local landfill or shipping them to China for recycling?

From December 18th - 23rd, Toronto-based refurbisher, recycler, and IT service provider Computation is offering the general public an opportunity to get rid of old, defunct computers and parts in an environmentally conscious and privacy-ensured way.

How do they do this? I spoke with Dennis Maslo of Computation, who shed some light on the process.

Stuff that's isn't ancient will be refurbished for resale or donation to local not-for-profits and charities. Older or irrepairable items are dismantled into smaller component pieces that are further separated into material streams (aluminum goes here, copper there, this plastic goes here, etc). The use of recylcing and smelting allow us to incorporate much of the materials back into usable form without having to resort to much dirtier processes like landfill or incineration.

Drop-off your unwanted computer equipment for recycling at their Toronto facility:
2444 Bloor St. West (entrance at rear)
10:00am - 7:00pm, Monday - Friday
10:00am - 6:00pm on weekends.

For larger quantities, organizations, businesses, special requirements, or more information please contact Dennis Maslo at 416.629.5667

Friday, December 08, 2006

Budget Chief-Yes/Local Representative-YES!

By now you will have read or heard that I have been appointed to the post of Budget Advisory Committee Chair by Toronto's newly constituted Executive Committee. It is a great honour to be supported by this group of City Council veterans. The task is enormous but this new Executive Committee will have an active role, which will help me in my quest to broaden the understanding of the City Budget Process. I've always maintained that before we can successfully broaden the understanding of the City's finances and financial pressures amongst the citizens, we must first do a better job of building a better understanding right here on Council.

Today I want to assure the residents of Don Valley East that I spent a long time weighing the pros and cons of such a demanding position. Ryan Merkley, my executive assistant and I are working on an office work plan that will ensure that you still have the energetic and fierce advocacy you expect for Ward 33 and all of its pressing issues.

We have hired a new constituency assistant, Jimmy Yin, who grew up in Ward 33 on Kingslake Blvd. He and Jennifer Daws are designing a more efficient method of Constituency service. Jimmy has been active in youth organizing in North York prior to joining the Ward 33 team and will be a great help with all of our community events.

Our dear Collette Lennie has returned to the department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry. We were very sorry to lose her to departmental staff but we also know that Parks and Rec Division needs her strengths. Spending three years with my office and a year previous with Councillor Sutherland, equips Collette to bring our citizens' perspective to inside staff departments. We know they will function better as a result and that Collette has a bright future ahead of her.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Leslie/Sheppard Update - December 7, 2006

My office has received the following update today regarding the Leslie/Sheppard intersection:

Stage 3 bridge repair has been completed. Next Monday or Tuesday night, the lane markings and signals are going to be returned to the pre-construction configuration.

There will be localized lane restrictions afterwards as the contractor will attempt to complete as much work on the corners of the intersections prior to winter. However the main intent is to get the traffic running through the intersection on a straight alignment as soon as possible and before a winter storm.