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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Oh Oh, I got an A

I'm honoured and humbled by the comments of the North York Mirror and very touched by the many emails congratulating me on the A. But its a little anxiety producing. You have to work awful darn hard for the rest of your days to live up to it.

Secondly, I think the 'A' should go not to the councillor but to all of my very active residents, and you all know who you are. It seems to me we all worked very hard on this community in 2005. Who says North Yorkers aren't active citizens!?!?!

Here's the review courtesy of the North York Mirror:

Shelley Carroll

We Said
The first among rookies, and a real star: the councillor you’re glad you have if you do and wish you had if you don’t. Coming from the Toronto District School Board, this card-carrying Liberal has moved into the juicy middle of the Mayor David Miller circle of power – so much so that columnists and observers mistake her for a New Democrat. She took over the chairmanship of the powerful works committee from mayoral hopeful Ward 26 Councillor Jane Pitfield (Don Valley West) in June, while returning to the heavy-lifting budget advisory committee, and has brought a balanced approach to both. Carroll also passed her Aug. 19 trial by fire – or rather rain – when she took a lead helping hundreds of homeowners in her wards whose basements were flooded in the aftermath of the late-summer deluge.

Attendance: Two absences
Office Budget Expenditure to Nov. 30: $29,832

She Said
Chair of the Works Committee, vocal advocate for residents in north part of city for flood damaged homes.
Launched a structured Ward Advisory Council. First councillor to use a BLOG, and WAC33 is in process of setting up its own!
Working on illegal rooming houses. In Seneca Hill/Kingslake area, MLS have closed two, ordered closure of another and are working on owners of several more.
Tackled overwhelming post-subway development applications with massive community engagement.
Represent mayor and council at GTA Waste Strategy Group. We are working through Michigan waste issues.
For Budget Advisory Committee, conducted three-month review of TTC Budget and brought Capital Budget inside debt guidelines.
Co-chair of Domestic Film Production Working Group. Work with the film industry on strategic policy development to bring production back to Toronto. This will return a vast number of jobs.

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