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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Police on the Streets

Thank you to all Ward 33 residents who have called since our return to work either to express through the City, their condolences to the Creba family or to contribute suggestions in our battle against the current explosion in Gang-related violence.

While I have no wish to get in the middle of the Mayoral campaign unfolding, I do need to make clear to my own local residents the level of support currently flowing to our local police forces.

The delivery of new forces to local police divisions and is in no way, "Smoke and Mirrors" as stated today. While Ward 33 has been very lucky not to have become a part of the map of 2005 gun deaths, our local police division received eight new officers this past September. The division extends well beyond our ward boundary. Officers approved by Council are flowing to the divisions as fast as they can be graduated from Police College.

Our police college maximum capacity is a class of 200 every 5 months. In September, the graduating class increased the force by 40 but also filled the force with retirement replacements. Division 33 Commander Ruth White has also taken the proactive measure of re-directing the Street Crime Unit officers back into the Crew office to enable more uniformed officers to be on the street. We applaud this action at such a critical time.

The police officers re-deployed to the special gang crime task forces cannot be considered "taken off the street" as they are actively on the ground in every gang-related vulnerable community. They are gathering intelligence, creating increased police presence and bringing murderers to justice. I urge Torontonians not to be alarmed as political arguments unfold. Every effort is being made to keep Torontonians safe.

At the candlelight vigil for All of Toronto's 2005 gun fatalities held January 2nd, the mother of one of the victims summed it up best, " It is time for politicians to stop using my son's death as a weapon against each other and work together."