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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Leaf collection Request / Bloorview Meeting

Staff sent the following request to Councillors' offices today:

While it seems to be happening a little later this year, very shortly the leaves will be down and residents will be busy raking and piling their yard waste out for City collection.

Given that the leaves may fall suddenly, rather all at once, we know from past experience this might cause a delay in yard waste collection. Whether it happens again this year or not, we wanted each of your offices to know there is the potential and for you to know how to respond to calls from your constituents.

Should a household’s yard waste not get picked up on their scheduled day, please instruct residents to leave their yard waste by the curb until it is collected. It is anticipated this would occur within a couple of days of their regularly scheduled collection day.

Toronto’s collection crews are working hard to complete all of their curbside pick-up commitments. Any patience that may be required to get us through a heavy time in our fall yard waste collection program, is greatly appreciated.

Regarding Bloorview:

I've met with executive members from Sheppard/Leslie Homeowners Association to talk about what will happen at the continuation of the 25 Buchan Court final consideration at North Community Council on November 15th. We agreed it would be a good idea to clarify for the community where the matter sits at this time so a meeting has been arranged.

Because the continuation procedure means that planning will not be mailing out another notice, the SLHA and the Councillors' office will work together in delivering details of this meeting and a reminder of the actual North Community Council meeting where the item will be voted on.

Community members can come to Lescon Public School on Novembr 10th at 7:00 to hear an update of what's happening. Then, on Tuesday November 15th, the continuation of Council consideration of the item will commence sometime after 2:00p.m. When we have the Flyer for the November 10th meeting finished we will post it here. When the clerk has more precise timing of when the item is coming up on the Community Council agenda, you will find that here as well.