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Friday, August 10, 2007

More Delays on Glentworth Ravine

We got some bad news about Glentworth Ravine flood damage repair. It seems the approvals needed from the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority and/or the ministry of the Environment have been delayed. I've inserted below, the detailed briefing from the staff member overseeing the private contractors' process.


Project Status Report
Glentworth Road Storm Outfall Culvert Rehabilitation and Slope Stabilization (Contract No. 07NY-15WP)
Prepared by: Manzur Rahman, P.Eng.
Date: August 09, 2007

The Project is located within the jurisdiction of TRCA and therefore, TRCA approval is required in addition to MOE approval for the construction of this project.

Earth Tech is the City’s consulting engineering firm and responsible for the design, obtaining all necessary approval from the authorities and the preparation of the tender package on this project.

In order to obtain TRCA and MOE approvals, Earth Tech has submitted formal application with required back ups to TRCA on April 16, 2007 and to MOE on May 22, 2007. In order to expedite TRCA approval, a meeting was held with TRCA on July 12, 2007. Additional geotechnical and hydro-geological investigations were required by TRCA in order to consider approval for this project.

Earth Tech proceeded with the additional geotechnical and hydro-geological investigations which are to be completed on August 17, 2007. Reports on the findings are expected to be finalized and submitted to TRCA before the end of August, 2007.

The followings are the two possible outcomes of the investigations:

Scenario 1:

Required dewatering quantities for the construction are below 50000 litres per day. TRCA approval may be granted in September, 2007 and construction may proceed in November, 2007. All under ground works including works within water course under this scenario are planned to be done before March 31, 2007. Road works are to be completed in spring of 2008.

Scenario 2:

Required dewatering quantities for the construction are above 50000 litres per day. PTTW (permission to take water) will be required from MOE. The process of obtaining PTTW is very time consuming. As no in water construction is allowed between March 31 and July 01, therefore, the construction has to be stared after July 01, 2008 and will be completed by fall 2008.

We are also investigating alternative construction method and will be discussing it with TRCA to obtain their approval in the case of scenario 2, so that the in water construction can be completed before March 31, 2008 and road works by spring 2008. We will keep you updated on the outcome.