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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sheppard Leslie construction - Stage 3

This update was provided by Transporation staff early this morning.

The Contractor completed the bulk of the work last night associated with the Stage 3 setup which is now in place and in operation starting at approx. 5AM.

The rain which started around 2:30AM prevented the placement of the dashed guide lines through the intersection however the pre-marking for these lines is in and will assist the motorists somewhat. The contractor is scheduled to be in tonight at 10PM weather permitting to paint in the permanent guidelines and some arrows.

Due to the newness of the setup and the rain forecasted today, pay duty assist was requested for the am and pm rush periods. The writer is unaware whether the request for pay duty officers for the am rush was actually accomplished as the request was made rather early this morning as the officers that were at the intersection were unable to stay through the am rush period..