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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Graffiti Clean Up at Pleasant View

Staff sent the update below on the graffiti tagging on Pleasant View Centre last week. It's terribly important to let us know whenever you wake up to discover fresh graffiti in the community. The fresher it is when we call it in to staff, the easier it is to deal with. Prompt removal also discourages additional hits as these graffiti artists are prefer surfaces where they know their work will stay on display for a while.

From Staff re Pleasant View:
Good afternoon Councillor Carroll, over the past week, we have had limited success in
removing the graffiti from the south and east walls. We have purchased an exterior acrylic paint that matches the brick colour and will paint the lower portion of the two walls this Friday. The paint will make any future tagging easier to remove.
I apologize for the delay.