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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Community Clean Up Events

Everyone is welcome to join us.......

20 Minute Clean-Up - Friday, April 21st at 1PM

Join Ryan, Jennifer, Collette and Jesse as they help the children at Cherokee P.S clean up their schoolyard and neighbouring Shawnee Park. Officers from 33 Division will be lending us their helping hands as well.

Community Clean Up Day - Saturday, April 22nd from 10AM - 12 noon

Join Shelley and Mayor David Miller as well as many community volunteers as we target the Sheppard Leslie intersections. Volunteers from North York Rotary Club will once again be returning to the North west section of Leslie and Sheppard and work their way up the East Don Parkland walkway. Shelley and the rest of the team will be hitting the South East corner and working our way along the Betty Sutherland Trail. Mayor David Miller will join us after 11AM.

Everyone is welcome. Help us keep our Beautiful City, Beautiful!