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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Great Exchange of Traffic Beefs!

Last Monday night, the Ward 33 Advisory committee hosted an open community meeting on transportation and Traffic issues. Not many extra folks attended but the members of the Ward Advisory represented the community well.

Many questions were asked and many traffic trouble spots were highlighted for staff.
Members explained difficulties from the perspective of pedestrians, cyclists and of course neighbourhood drivers. Traffic Services managers Allen Pinkerton and Jay Malone left the meeting with a great deal of information to follow up on.

We also had Traffic Planning expert, Victoria Witowski speak on the Sheppard Ave Corridor and how traffic is being monitored throughout the onslaught of Subway Development Applications. As Victoria walked members through her 12 foot long aerial photo map, I think the high point for me came when she finished going through all of the sites and said, "And as you can see, we are pretty much finished." I asked her to expand. " If you look at the corridor from Bayview to the Don Valley Parkway, you can see that all potential sites are already built or 'in process'. There are no other potential sites where Planners would ever be likely to say yes." Amen to that!