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Monday, April 10, 2006

Toronto Police Services - Community Alert

Mail/Internet fraud

The Toronto Police want to remind the community to be aware of frauds via mail, the telephone or the internet.

Recently some community members have received by mail, literature from an organization claiming to be a Financial Corporation. The mail was received in a plain white envelope, with the recipient's name and address typed on the front. The envelope has only the Don Mills Postal station as a return post mark on it. In the envelope there is a small pamphlet suggesting that you let them help you with your current money matters including Auto and Mortgage financing. They want you to respond by "direct marketing communication" only, meaning they want you to fill out a questionai re that includes giving out personal information, no contact phone number is made available.

Do not give out any information, under any circumstances to anyone you do not know. Don't give out any information over the phone or the internet, especially a credit card number. If you receive mail to your door, by phone or internet wanting money or donations for charity, find out if they are a recognized and reputable organization by having them quote their registered charity number and calling the Better Business Bureau. If someone calls claiming to be from your financial institution and wants you to disclose personal information to discuss your accounts, do not give out this information, go directly to the bank in person. Remember this..."if it sounds too good to be usually is!"

If you, or someone you know feels they have been the victim of a fraud or Identity theft, please call the Police non emergency number at 416-808-2222.

For more information on this or any other crime prevention matter, please contact the 33 Division Crime Prevention Officer PC K. Downie #5535 at 416-808-3395