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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Community Alert - 33 Division

Daytime Break and Enters

This is a notice to all 33 Division Community members in regards to the latest rash of day time break and enters, particularily into Apartments.

The Police want to remind you that when entering your Apartment building be aware of your surroundings. DO NOT let strangers into the building. Make sure to close the entrance door behind you, making sure others use their own key to gain entry. If they are legitimate visitors allow them to buzz in or phone up to the tenants they are visiting. Treat the whole building as if it is your own apartment, by telephoning police whenever you observe suspicious behaviour, in and around the premise including the laundry room, stairwells and parking area.

Make sure to notify the manager/superi ntendant of any maintenance issues that could facilitate a crime to take place ie, broken or poor lighting in stairwells and parking areas, insecure entry's (doors/windows). Be sure to install a good quality deadbolt lock with proper 3" screws and strike plate.

Contact the appropriate people to organize tenant safety meetings and implement programs such as Neighbourhood Watch, now known as CPAT (Crime Pevention Association of Toronto) 416-225-1102

You can also request the Crime Prevention officer from 33 Division PC Downie #5535 416-808-3395 to attend a community or safety meeting for a more in depth discussion on Crime prevention and tips.

If you see anything suspicious, in and around your home, note the descriptions of individuals and/or vehicles and licence plates. Please contact police immediately.