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Monday, December 12, 2005

No Fault Grants to Sewer Back-up Victims

Earlier I reported that the No Fault grant request put forward by Councillor Filion and myself would be dealt with in the New Year during the Operating Budget process.

Instead, Council moved to insert it into a 'sort of' capital item but with strings attached. Councillor Shiner moved that the total amount of payout be no greater than $4 million and Councillor Watson moved that the grant program include residents in Parkdale who had a major watermain collapse a short time after the storm of August 19th. This means that the amount paid to each victim will depend on the number of eligible residents. The important thing is that the amount of $4 million has been set aside by Council and there is just a bit of procedure to complete.

Both of these new motions mean that staff must draft new terms and new criteria before we can proceed to take applications for 'No Fault' grants. Criteria will have to be slightly reworded from the old North York program. A report on how to award the grants will be coming to the Works Committee from staff in February. Once this is all approved by Council, we can send out an announcement on how to apply.

Until then I'm afraid, Ward 33 staff will not have the answers to questions on the No Fault grant. They can however, still help you with applications for the Basement Flooding Subsidy Program which subsidizes your installation of Back Flow Valve and Sump Pump and downspout disconnections. That program has a window to apply only until February 1st so call us today for details at 416-392-4038.