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Monday, December 12, 2005

Capital Budget Done- Now Back To Buchan!

So, this afternoon at approximately 5:00 p.m. Council finished deliberating over the Capital Budget. Some confusing messaging so here is a quick rundown, admittedly through the biased eye of a Budget Advisory Committee member.

It is absolutely true to say that the Capital Debt has been growing over the last few years. After the first three years of the Megacity, where zero tax increases meant raiding reserve funds to get projects already approved in legacy cites completed, the debt began to climb. It climbed under another council and it has continued to climb under this council. What is different about this year is a more stringent debt guideline has been set for every department or commission and descending debt targets have already been set for the following 5 years. The current Budget Committee is adamant that this trend continue. We must address the debt whether the New Deal for Cities ever arrives or not.

25 Buchan Court

On Wednesday, December 14th, we return to the Council Chambers to complete unfinished business. We will return to the matter of the Toronto Drug Strategy but I will be asking for a moment to release quick items right at the beginning of the meeting at 9:30 a.m.. This will give me the opportunity to move my motion to refuse the 25 Buchan Court Site Plan approval and authorize staff to appoint an outside planner and outside legal to defend the anticipated OMB appeal. As we are getting very far behind, I am hoping that Councillor Shiner will be willing to release his secondary hold.