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Friday, May 06, 2005

Apartment Building Repair

We held a tenant meeting at Forest Manor P.S. tonight for residents of 110 Parkway Forest Dr. The primary topic was the ongoing Balcony Repair construction so we also had tenants from 65 Forest Manor Rd. where a balcony replacement has just begun.

Balcony replacement is not new to the area. Some balcony work had already been done or was under way when the new owner bought the buildings from MetCap. Whenever this kind or work extends beyond the cosmetic to actual stripping and replacing balconies, it is noisy and disruptive to the tenants.

We arranged the meeting so that the owners of the building could come and explain the improvement project schedule directly to the tenants and also to let the tenants know what rights they had when major work is being done to the common areas of their buildings. The added benefit of having Building Standards Staff and Federation of Tenants Staff speak at the meeting is that Ward 33 staff are also now completely up to date on these tenant issues.
Justin, Collette and Jenny are well equipped to take your calls and questions.

At the same meeting, we let the residents know that meetings to get a Parkway Forest Residents' Association together will begin late in June and extend throughout the summer. This new association will be very important to any development proposals in Parkway Forest. Remember that while the ten building application from the new owner of the rental properties was refused by Council, they will be bringing new proposals forward in an attempt to find a design for the neighborhood that will be more acceptable citizens and city staff.