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Friday, April 22, 2005

April 21/05 Earth Day Quiz

There is a lot going on around town for Earth Day. Friday is the 20 minute makeover. We have asked the newest landlords on the block to join us in Parkway Forest. "Prove to the community that you are here to stay and that you care," we said. Both said yes!

Verdiroc, who are building the new building at 121 Parkway Forest and El Ad, the new owners of the buildings managed by Met Cap will join my Ward 33 team and Staff Inspector White and her Officers from Division 33 to pick up in the Park. Marius will be donating water and refreshments from the Parkway forest IGA Supermarket.

Here is a little fun for you. All staff have been asked to answer an Earth Day quiz. Justin, Collette, Jenny and our summer students Jesse, Collette and Janey need help with the answers. They have to turn in their answers by April 29th so take a look below and see if you can give them a hand....

1) Yogurt tubs and plastic ice-cream containers can now be added to the blue box.
True or False?
2) The number of trucks carrying Toronto’s trash to Michigan has decreased from 140 a day to
a) 100
b) 120
c) 130
3) What percentage of Ontario’s garbage is from Toronto?
a) 60%
b) 38%
c) 24%
4) Compared to producing a ton of paper from virgin wood pulp, how much less water is used to produce a ton of recycled paper?
a) 70%
b) 60%
c) 50%
5) How many tonnes of newspapers were recycled through the City’s grey box program in 2003?
a) 130,000 tonnes
b) 100,000 tonnes
c) 95,000 tonnes
6) How much of the world’s aluminum production is generated from recycled aluminium?
a) one-quarter
b) one-third
c) one-fifth
7) A 15-watt compact fluorescent bulb emits the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.
True or False?
8) How much money is saved in one year when you turn off your monitor when not in use?
a) $35
b) $45
c) $60
9) You can report a water leak at work by phoning the number 338-FRED.
True or False?
10) Average residential water use in Toronto is approximately how many litres per person a day?
a) 189 litres/person/day
b) 253 litres/person/day
c) 300 litres/person/day