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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mar 17 - Today Everyone is Irish

Driving into the city this morning, there was already a line up for St.Patrick's Day at McVeigh's by 9:30. I haven't been near the Blog for far too long. Here are a few of the things we've been up to.

1) Justin Peters, my new executive assistant has settled in, touring the ward, implementing some systems to tighten up the office, taking on development files.

2) March 7th: Big joint meeting of all of the people working on the new Toronto Comprehensive Drug Strategy to be introduced later this Spring. Toronto Police Services, Public Health, Councillor and grass roots treatment/counseling agencies working together.
In the evening, another planning meeting for the upcoming Chahar Chanbeh Souri event in Sunnybrook Park.

3) March 8th: Full agenda at Administration and Governance Committee, David Miller's ceremony to celebrate International Women's Day with our staff, then on to Thorncliff Bowlerama. The annual Bowlathon to raise funds for JVS youth ministries. Bowled on a team with our own Rev. Greg Physick from St. Matthew's. Great way to raise a large amount of money for charity. Ask us how if you have never been to one.

4) March 9th: Wonderful ceremony today to honour the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Relief Society School. The students in grades 4 thru 12 were very honoured to have Lt.Gov. James Bartleman there to unveil a special plaque in the new school building.

5) March 10th: Lots of small meetings today to gather info for potential Admin Committee items. Of special note; met with Technology staff about improvements to the tech system for councillors. We need a more accessible and remote way to access the community through email. Current system doesn't lend itself to email address management.
Also met with senior clerk staff to discuss improvements to procedural bylaws to tighten up Council Meetings. Great thing to discuss right now while the annual 6 day Budget ordeal is fresh in our memories. Hoping to incorporate some of these changes in the New City of Toronto Act.

6) Chaired the Tenant Defense Sub- Committee on Councillor Walker's behalf today. A defense fund amount was granted for the tenants of those notoriously bad west-end apartments featured in the papers lately. Another motion asked that staff report back on any outstanding work orders on any other buildings in town that the landlord owns.

Later in the evening, Leaders in the Iranian community met for one last strategy meeting before the big Chahar Chanbeh Souri next Tuesday night. Enormous number of details to finalize before thousands descend on Sunnybrook Park.