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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hello All,

During the Campaign period of the last couple of months, it has been impossible for me to converse with you on the blog. Because this blog is funded from the Ward 33 Council Office expense account, it could only be used for direct communications from City Staff to Community Members. It is wonderful to be able to chat again.

Let me start the new term by saying that I am very grateful to all Ward 33 Residents who went to the Polls on November 13th. Throughout our extensive canvass, my volunteers and I encouraged residents first to vote, then asked that they vote for me. In particular, I would spend extra time at the door if the person answering was 30 or younger as this age group has the lowest turnout across the city. Often, the young citizen was surprised that I wasn't immediately asking if their parents were home. It is very important to me that we do everything we can to build participation in the democratic process.

The voter turnout did not significantly improve this election. Therefore, in the coming months, I will be introducing motions at Council that would effectively begin building voter participation for 2010. Particularly, I would like to begin the dialogue on a true enumeration for the Municipal Voters' List. Too many residents in Don Valley East reported to me that they were absent from the Voters' List despite having been at their address for decades. Many young people were absent from the list despite having answered the recent census and voting in the federal Election in January.

It is truly an honour to be elected to represent you again. We covered almost every street in our door-to-door canvass and gathered a tremendous amount of maintenance input and casework to act upon. Before the end of the year, we will be listing all of the matters and engaging the appropriate city staff to resolve them. If you need more immediate action or you are concerned that we have missed the issue you raised, the Ward 33 team would be happy to receive your call. We want to make sure your matter hasn't been lost in the campaign shuffle. 416-392-4038