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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Events at the TTC

The recent surprise work stoppage and the resignation of chief executive, Rick Ducharme have some asking basic questions about how the Transit Commission works. Many have heard me comment quite a bit on the TTC at Budget time. Here's how it works.

The TTC is an arms-length Commission that operates separately from the City of Toronto as a corporate entity. It does not report directly to Council except at Budget time when it must present its Budget to Budget Committee and Policy & Finance Committee in order for us to decide on the level of subsidy we will provide the TTC from the property tax pot.

City Council appoints 9 Councillors to act as Commissioners of the TTC. They preside over the operation and management of the TTC. They are not there in an advisory capacity. They direct staff, and ensure that the residents of Toronto are provided with public transit. They are the ultimate civilian oversight over the TTC. If service is threatened, they are accountable,over and above the Chief of Staff.

It is important to remember that current tensions have nothing to do with any wage settlement or wage contract coming due. The issues up for discussion should be discussed and resolved. The Chair and his Commissioners have a responsibility to uphold when city-wide service is threatened, especially when solvable issues are not getting solved.