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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Councillor Compensation

Today we held the public meeting on the issue of Councillor Compensation, the input to be forwarded to the Outside Blue Ribbon Panel and the final results to be voted on by Council at the end of the month.

With no deputants present to speak to us, we moved to support the recommendation of Budget Chief, David Soknacki and Deputy Mayor Sandra Bussin.

They recommended that the salaries of Council members in all major cities in Canada and the 905 regions be reviewed at the beginning of each new term of office. Toronto would then set its Councillor salaries at the 75th percentile of all these cities.

This does mean a raise for Toronto Councillors but it effectively insures that we will never be the highest paid in the country unless all other cites gave themselves a decrease. I do not expect the Cities of Mississauga and Vaughan will vote to decrease their salaries. You may still contact us to give input on this issue. The final vote is still a number of weeks away. Feel free to email me on the matter at

In the meantime, I have taken my role quite seriously and will continue to give between 50 and 60 hours a week to the position.