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Friday, September 23, 2005

Sept. 23 Garbage Issues/TTC Budget Review AGAIN!

Frightfully busy week and next week will be more of the same.

Once again, Budget Chief Soknacki has divided his committee into Special focus Review Teams and sent us off to scrutinize key budget areas line-by-line. I'll be doing the TTC Budget again with Councillors Watson and Mihevc. Expect a a fair bit of moaning and groaning here on the Blog, just like last year.

Ironically I was a few minutes late for the first review team meeting I was delayed by the TTC. It was CAR FREE day and my daughter and I headed for school and work on the bus together.

Lots of talk about the U.S. possibly closing the Border to Michigan. Key points to know:
*The environmental Assessment process to devise a solution for the end of the Michigan contract began this month.
*The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has certified the waste we ship for York Region, Durham Region and Toronto to be in compliance with their regulations every time they analyze it.
*While Toronto and the two regions continue to reduce their truckloads thru excellent cooperation from citizens, overall truckloads from Ontario rose this year because private interests ship waste as well.
*While the municipalities do ship to Michigan, it is important to remember that some of the most hazardous waste possible, is IMPORTED from Michigan to Ontario every month.

Councillor Ootes has presented a motion for council next week about "A secret contingency plan" should the border close and demanding that the plan be presented to council. From his accompanying letter, I gather that he believes there to be a plan created exclusively by Toronto. This is not the case. A report was commissioned by and paid for jointly by the GTA Waste Summit and the Minister of the Environment. At the request of the Min. Of the Environment, Toronto and York and Durham participants in the summit agreed to keep the report confidential until further notice.

Should the U.S. Federal government decide to close the border to waste, a supplementary bill will pass allowing us three months to reroute our waste. Chair Bill Fisch of York Regional Council also Chairs the GTA Waste Summit and is currently arranging a meeting of the Summit.