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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Eucan Recycling/Litter Bin Pilot

Three EcoMupis bins are going up in North York today as part of a three-month test to get the public's input on the bins. Keep your eyes open for them at these following sites: Sheppard Avenue East at Brian Drive, Finch Avenue East at Leslie Street, and Don Mills Road North at Van Horne Avenue.

As part of the new recycling/litter bin pilot, the City of Toronto wil be testing the feasibility of collecting organic waste (e.g. fruit and vegetable scraps) and batteries in the new EcoMupis bins. Please note that the EcoMupis located at the southeast corner of Don Mills & Van Horne will be tested on collecting both organic waste and batteries. One of the waste receptacles of the EcoMupis has been modified to collect organic waste and one of the ashtrays has been modified to colllect batteries. The posters/information panel will be modified to show that organic waste and batteries are accepted/collected at this location. Also please note that Eucan will be testing the feasibility of using alternative sources of energy to illuminate the bins. Therefore, the EcoMupis located at the northwest corner of Sheppard & Brian Dr. will be testing solar power.