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Monday, August 22, 2005

Flood Damage Update

What an harrowing situation in which to return to work. I am just back in the office from vacation and the office is buzzing with information requests re flood damages. This blog entry is a quick update on what we know so far. My staff and I are going out tonight to visit some who are still experiencing the after-effects of the storm.

Hydro reports that they are repairing damage as quickly as humanly possible. Most apartment towers who were without power for the weekend are now restored. Works staff are working round the clock to get to and inspect damages.

Certainly the first priority must be main water processing operations, in order to ensure that all systems are working properly and able to cope should anymore rain be headed our way. Secondly, as many of you have seen, we have the major damage caused by the washing away of a huge culvert on Finch Ave West. This compromises a primary component of West End traffic flow for vehicles, pedestrians and the TTC.

Then we come to damages in neighbourhoods and homes. Here is staff's best advice at the end of today, Monday, August 22nd. If you have damage call your insurance company first and foremost. The insurance companies have interaction with the City wherever necessary. They will have advice for you during the course of their investigations of your property. Secondly, call the city's hotline to register for a City inspection. Your insurance company will advice you to do this as well.

The number to call is 416-338-8888. When you identify as living in the North Region, they will refer you to the right person. Right now, while it is all fresh, sit down and right a report of what happened. You will be glad you did later. Write down the date and location, details of what happened, the damage that arose. If you have a camera or video camera take pictures right away.

At the end of today, staff have informed me that of the 600+ homes that need inspections they have seen 300. They are taking as priority all homes that are still holding flood waters. Those calls for inspection where there was a flood but the waters have receded will be seen to immediately after. The whole inspection 'first round' process should be down in a few days.

We understand, as of this afternoon, that Waste Staff will be lenient in picking up large articles put out to the curb as a result of basement damage. Give my office a call at
416-392-4038 if articles are left past the next garbage date in your area. Remember to ensure that children stay away from discarded flood-damaged articles.

My office phone lines are busy but Jenny and Collette constantly pick up messages thru the day and get back to anyone with questions so please leave a message at 416-392-4038. I will be back in the office on Wednesday.