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Monday, July 11, 2005

Cheap Gas For Sale, Emissions Free!

We have been receiving some phone calls of concern about late night gas discounts. On the weekend I had a chat with some folks down at the Tim Horton's on Sheppard and the recent Gas Sale frenzy came up again.

I think we need to hear your input and preferably before Council is in session on July 19th. There is an item on the agenda with respect to the Idling Bylaw on the Council agenda and if people feel we should ask for help, that would be the place for me to do it.

Everyone loves cheap gas, but there is an environmental concern with having as many as 20 cars idling constantly during the two hour sale on muggy nights, twice a week. When I joined the line recently, there was no supervision and cars were approaching the pumps from all directions. I found it was quite possible to turn off my car as the line clogged to such a degree that I was stationary for 5 minutes or more at a time as I advanced through the long line. The line snaked out onto Sheppard Ave at one point clogging traffic as well.

If you think I should ask staff to investigate whether or not they have authority to require some sort of line-up plan so that cars can turn off their motors and then be moved forward in a more orderly fashion, I can do that at council. It makes a starting point and would bring input from the rest of Council. Let me know what you think by emailing us at: