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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Feb 3 - Does Anyone know what AMO is???

It has been a long three days and we end arguing about our membership in the Association of Municipalities. If it seems like some internal brotherhood that doesn't have much to do with your daily life, you may not be focused on the choice the Toronto Council must make. From my vantage point the choice is simple.

Membership in AMO, under the Memorandum of Understanding about to be enshrined in law, means that your negotiations with the Province would be done by AMO. They would be negotiating such crucial matters as use of the Federal Gas Tax. It quite directly impacts the future of your TTC.

Withdrawal of opur membership means we continue to arrange a New Deal with senior levels of government for a direct working relationship for the largest city in Canada.

While some of my colleagues tonight are moving that we make overatures to AMO to return, they are unaware that many overatures have been made to AMO and their president, Roger Anderson. Not only have efforts been rebuffed but at gatherings of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities 'curious events' have been taking place to impede the progress of Toronto negotiations. I won't name names! Luckily, the comments and the actions of the current Premier of Ontario are clear and government to government negotiations between Ontario and the sixth largest municipality in North America are possible.