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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feb 2 - Council In Session / TTC Dance

Well council is in session but we aren't making much headway. Yesterday we attempted to move a lion's share of the agenda by general consent on quick items, knowing that we would spend all day today on the Homelessness Report. We did manage to reduce a 28 page list of items down to a 12 page list for today. But it could have been even better.

We lost an hour when John Clarke and his Ontario Coaltion Against Poverty(OCAP) stormed the velvet rope and invaded the Councillors' space. The Chambers had to be shut down temporarily. I feel for these people. They are genuine in their passion for resolution of the poverty issues that plague us. But walking the halls after the incident, I can tell you they had no impact whatsoever on Council's positions as a result of their approach. But their stance needs to be heard and they should be thankful that other agencies and groups associated with homelessness peacefully brought their message to councillors and the Mayor. These people help to influence the final outcome of this issue. The Toronto Youth Cabinet has been outstanding in reaching out to homeless and formerly homeless youth to be sure that their particular challenges are considered in the new initiatives.

Whenever I'm not in the council chamber, I'm engaged in private sessions on the Budget. The TTC budget continues to be a particular focus despite a general lack of wiggle room. Bravo to the Federal Government for new movement on the gas tax and Double Bravo to our own M.P.P. David Caplan for the promise this morning that there is no intention to claw this money back from municipalities.

Last night we rushed from the chambers to attend a Fundraiser for Red Cross efforts in the Tsunami Relief. The Scadding Court Community Service Centre and all of its agencies organized the event and I was proud to be listed as a sponsor. The Scadding Court model ofcommunity services and community space is one I would dearly love to see in Ward 33. I will definitely float it at our next Ward 33 Advisory meeting, February 10th at Oriole Community Centre at 7:00.