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Monday, January 17, 2005

Jan 13 - We Are Going To Need a Bigger Boat!

We had our biggest meeting yet on the development application at 25 Buchan Court. This is the site of the Bloorview Childrens' Hospital that is relocating. As the tiny gym filled up with 200 people where there were 100 chairs, I felt like Richard Dreyfus in the movie 'Jaws' when he deadpans, "We are going to need a bigger boat."

The developers' representative and City Planning were there to hear the outcome of several neighborhood meetings held since October. The concerns are all very much on the table at this point. They were also able to answer many questions from some residents new to the process.

Look for more neighborhood meetings to begin in late February/early March re this site. Proposals for adjustments to the plan should be surfacing then. In the meantime, we will be working with staff on the Parkway Forest application which is due to come to North Community Council for its preliminary report February 9th. Dueling Projects!