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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Community Alert - Increased Purse Snatches

Watch Your Purse
The Toronto Police would like to bring to your attention to an increased number of purse snatch robberies in the area of Fairview Mall Drive and Godstone Road.
The victims targeted have primarily been females walking alone in the evening to late night hours. Community members are urged to take extra precaution when walking in these areas. Avoid taking short cuts and stay in well lit areas. Try and use the buddy system and do not attract a would be attacker by having your purse visible. Try wearing a fanny pack under your clothing or only carrying a wallet containing only the identification you need for that day with little cash.
Do not wear your Ipod, MP3 player or any other device that will ; decrease your awareness level and reaction time.
If you find yourself the victim of an attack, try and remain calm and call Police immediately. Try and give as detailed a description as you can.
Residents in the area are also encouraged to contact the Police if you notice an increased volume of loitering or suspicious behaviour.
This message was brought to you by the Toronto Police Service 33 Division Crime Prevention Officer.