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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Community Alert - Credit/ Debit Card Theft

The Toronto Police want to remind everyone to be very vigilant when carrying a purse or wallet containing important identification or debit and credit cards. Recently in 33 Division there have been a number of occurrences in and around shopping malls where wallets have been taken. In these cases Seniors were the target. When the victims returned home to contact the financial institutes to have their cards cancelled, they discovered that in that short amount of time the perpetrators had already made transactions over $1000.00.
The important thing to remember is to keep your credit or debit cards separate from your other identification. Carry only what you need for that day. Make sure wallets and purses are secure at all times, checkin g them frequently especially if the mall or area you're in is crowded. Watch out for "Shoulder Surfers" as you're keying in your pin number at a bank machine. Go into the bank to make the transaction if possible. Always remember if you have been the victim of a theft to report the matter to the Police immediately and cancel all debit and bank cards as soon as you discover anything missing.
Police Constable K. Downie #5535
33 Division Crime Prevention Officer.