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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Public Consultation

Here is a meeting announcement that needs some interest from our suburban wards. The City Staff have been working for some time on a plan to harmonize all fixtures on City Streets. Newspaper boxes, planters, benches, bus shelters, etc. would be replaced according to a design plan as they wear out and become eligible for replacement.

This is the sort of consultation that might be undersubscribed at the Suburban locations while it does impact us very much. Many of our Ward 33 subdivisions have a mish-mosh of rusted benches and newspaper boxes right at the entrance to their neighbourhoods so I have been anxiously awaiting this harmonization exercise. Once the consultation is complete and the report is accepted by Council, I will be speaking out for prompt attention for our area.

Please read the info below and consider attending the North York Session.

Public meetings to discuss future of Toronto’s street furniture

The City of Toronto is hosting a series of workshops to gather public input on the City’s proposed co-ordinated street furniture program and discuss how improved design and placement of street furniture can best improve Toronto’s public space.

A number of street furniture elements such as transit shelters, waste/recycling bins, benches, phone booths and newspaper publication boxes have been added to the city’s streetscape over the past number of years. The aim of the co-ordinated street furniture project is to harmonize the design and placement of selected street furniture in a functional, accessible, and more attractive manner.

The meetings will take place as follows:

• Etobicoke Civic Centre, Tuesday, February 28
• Scarborough Civic Centre, Wednesday, March 1
• Metro Hall, Monday, March 6
• North York Civic Centre, Tuesday, March 7

All meetings are from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Pre-registration is required for these workshops as space is limited. Please call 416-338-1066 or e-mail to register.