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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Persian New Year Is Almost Here

This evening we gathered the Organizing Committee of Chahar Shanbeh Souri, the Persian New Year Fire Festival, together with the City's Police, Fire and Parks Services. We are working very hard to make this year's Festival on March 14th even safer than last year and even better organized so that the community will experience a smoother operation.

The event presents a huge challenge to City Services, not to mention huge expense, because of the large, enthusiastic Communiy that attends. Special thanks must go out to the Services for agreeing to hold the event again in Sunnybrook Park and to Councillor Jenkins who works closely with me to bring the community together with City Services to solve the logistics for the event.

As the event grows, we will have to look at new ways for the community to absorb some of the cost of such a crowd. In the future, new venues must be explored. Perhaps a safer venue where a bazaar with food sales and arts & crafts sales could accompany future festivals to help defray the costs of supervising the event. Indeed, such organizing is exactly how Caribanna grew into its role as one of Toronto's trademark tourist events.

In the meantime, for this year, please contact my office if you can help out the Organizing Committee by donating funds to cover the cost of buses, insurance, permits, etc. or to volunteer your help that evening. Providing lots of volunteer supervision is the only way we can hold the event in Sunnybrook for another year. My assistant, Collette Lennie, keeps the contact numbers of the Organizing Committee and can refer you to them. We understand that donations are very much needed and there are only a few weeks left. Call us as soon as possible at 416-392-4038.

AND stay tuned to this blog. The Organizing Committee for Chahar Shanbeh Souri is setting up a website shortly and we will be advertising the link.