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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oct. 20th What's Up with Buchan Court

Ward 33 residents and particularly those in the Sheppard/Leslie area will be wondering, "What's up with the development at 25 Buchan Court." The matter was up for it's final consideration on Tuesday at North Community Council.

Good news and Bad news. The Bad news is we don't have an answer for you yet. The good news is I was able to ask for a deferral of the matter for one month with good reason. A long list of resdients came to speak to the application. Councillors appeared to be impacted by them. Staff did not have answers to all of the questions' raised by residents so there was good reason for me to defer the decision.

We have an extra month to deliberate and my fellow councillors appear to be hearing residents loud and clear. Well done Sheppard/Leslie residents! The item will be handled as a continuation, which means that when Community Council meets again on November 15th those who have already spoken to the councillors cannot speak again, but new deputants can apply to speak. Please call my office for more details at 416-392-4038