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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

June 21st Party Central in Ward 33

Congratulations to Ward 33 for the most Neighbours' Night Out events in town, 17 in Henry Farm alone and new hosts in the Sheppard Leslie area!

Collette, myself and little Marco have just returned home from our tour of parties. We didn't make it to all of them but had lots of great conversations about issues in the Ward. Special thanks to every host who was good enough to register with our terrific Division 33 Community Police and then open their homes to the neighbourhood.

Last night we met with Muirhead area residents to update on development of a new playscape for Muirhead Park. The project was delayed from last year when emergency maintenance in another part of the ward required the use of the Budget. Now a new junior playscape is on its way. Muirhead Park fans will see some landscape changes right away.

Bushes in front of the playscape will be removed to create better visibility at night. When the new playground equipment is installed later this summer, the greenery will be replaced but behind the playscape instead. This way the area will be easier to police at night. Residents also raised a number of general maintenance concerns and Parks Director, Bill Harding has committed to addressing these as soon as possible.

Don't forget to scroll down for details on the two meetings tomorrow night. At 7:00pm Forest Manor P.S. we will be discussing the Parkway Forest Development Application and over at Mitchell Field Community Centre The Province and the City are presenting an evening of consultation on the New City of Toronto Act. More details below.