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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunny Weekend to Tour the Ward

Early this morning my poor husband went off to work on Father's Day. My daughters are busy studying for exams so I toured the Ward, walking some of our parks and driving most of the streets.

First let me say that I saw some wonderful gardening, so wonderful that when I got home I spent a shameful hour digging up dandelions on the front lawn. In a very few areas, abandon articles and household garbage are hanging around in the front yard. This is neither attractive nor safe in neighbourhoods where children play. Please be advised that your neighbours are encouraged to call us at 416-392-4038 whenever something like this persists.

As for my stroll in the parks, I have a list of requests to forward on to our Parks Staff. There are some things we need to do such as trimming along pathways, repairing fencing, clearing away broken glass, etc. Call us whenever you see these things. In order to get to a truly Clean and Beautiful City, there are some things I need you to do as well.

I don't need to single out any particular neighbourhood when I ask that we all please stoop and scoop for our dogs. I spotted dog leavings once or twice in the four parks I walked. Maxx Carroll, our 3 year old Golden Retreiver leaves very large presents so I do know what I am asking of you. It isn't our favourite part of dog ownership but we knew that when we brought him home. If you are allowing young children to walk the family dog, ask questions if they return home from a very long run with an empty poo-bag. We want our dogs to continue to be welcome in our city.

Snacking and picnicing in parks is fantastic in weather such as today, but please take the wrappings to the garbage container. I saw far too much litter along pathways and up against Park Fences. I'll be in touch with staff about it but we shouldn't drop it in the first place. Parks and Rec has a program to gradually increase the number of garbage containers and even recycling containers around parks. I didn't see illegal household garbage in Ward 33 Park containers today so I'll be asking for more containers. It is beginning to look like Don Valley East residents know that Parks containers are for Parks garbage only so it may be safe to put them back now. You may remember that a number of containers were removed a few years back because illegal dumping was making them an eyesore.

Tomorrow night, Monday, June 20th, we will be meeting with a small working group to look at a staff proposal for enhancements to Muirhead Park, particularly around the playscape and surrounding landscaping. Be sure to pick up after your dogs tomorrow because the Ward 33 Team are stopping by to look at the area in question before the work group meeting. All doggy walkers should have the telltale baggy in one hand and of course a leash in the other.

Happy Fathers Day to All Ward 33 Dads.

Don't forget about Wednesday, June 22nd, whichever meeting you choose. Scroll down for details on the NEW CITY OF TORONTO ACT Meeting and the PARKWAY FOREST DEVELOPMENT MEETING. Or better yet, call us at 416-392-4038 and we will tell you all about it. We need you all!