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Friday, June 03, 2005

May 24th Chicago Comes to Regent Park

I rode along on the Bus Tour around Toronto with Mayor Miller and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. I must be honest about my dismay at one of the most obvious symbols about what happens with an American Strong Mayor Model.

Here was a man touring our City to share ideas, get ideas and generally build relations with another City. He had an entourage much the same in size as we put together whenever Toronto goes on a trade mission. Only difference here was: No Ward Councillors, just Mayor Daley, some staff and a some business people.

We took them to Regent Park where members of the Regent Park Reconstruction Committee presented the concept recently approved for conversion of Regent Park back into a mixed use, street grid redefined community. The Chicago contingent were inspired. And well they should be. Toronto City Council was happy to approve this brilliant 10 year project developed by the community itself. Too bad Mayor Daley didn't bring along any neighborhood-based politicians to help him transplant this inspiration to Chicago.

Note to the Provincial Folks: Don't propose a New City of Toronto Act that creates a gulf between Toronto's Mayor and the Councillors that represent its neighborhoods.