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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Toronto's Contribution to Tsunami Relief Efforts

I would like to commend all Torontonians for their inspiring generosity in response to last week's earthquake and tsunami disaster. I encourage all Torontonians to continue to donate money to international relief organizations that have operations in the affected countries. A list of agencies can be found on the City of Toronto Web Site at Since the disaster, the City has been working with the Red Cross and other emergency service organizations to raise awareness and money in Toronto.

The City of Toronto recognizes that our contribution to the relief effort will need to be responsive to the immediate crisis, and also be sustainable over the long term. The City has donated supplies that will provide temporary drinking water for up to 100,000 victims in Sri Lanka. Supplies will follow to make this an ongoing source of clean water. Emergency Medical Services Paramedic Rahul Singh has left for Sri Lanka to oversee the implementation of this initiative.

The City is working with the provincial and federal governments, to determine how best to provide expertise in areas such as water treatment, emergency medical services and public health.